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FAQ on Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Q: What should I do, I don’t want surgery but my hair is thinning?

A: The number of non-surgical options available today are fantastic. We will go over many of them before making a recommendation to you based on your individual needs, your degree of hair loss, activities your involved in and more. These factors will play a key part in finding the best solution for you and make you feel comfortable.

Q: What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical hair restoration?

A: Non-surgical hair replacement is a non-evasive system in which your hair can greatly be increased in hair density and there is no donor area required. There is no need to worry about the success rate because of texture or curl pattern. It is also a great solution for someone who has undergone a surgical hair transplant but want to add additional hair.

Q: Can I still take part in sports

A: The answer here is easy, yes. The purpose of finding the right hair restoration solution for you is so it will allow you to continue to do the things you love. Whether it be swimming, running, or playing basketball. What ever active lifestyle you have you can continue to have but with confidence.

Q: My father having a hairpiece that he would take off at night. I also remember my Grand-mother wearing a heavy wigs that never moved. Is this the same thing?

A: This is absolutely not the same thing. Today’s state-of-the-art hair replacement technology has come a very long way and your new hair is not something you take off but rather it becomes a part of you just like your own real hair. It looks and feels like real human hair.

Q: Are Will I have limitation on what hairstyle I want or how I comb my hair?

A: One of the beautiful things about our hair loss systems is they allow you to style your hair any way you wish. You can even comb your hair straight back revealing your natural front hair line.

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When it comes to making what could be considered the most important self-improvement decision you will ever make then you want the most professional establishment to give you expert advise and guide you through choices so you are completely confident in your final decision.

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